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Meet the Team

We started as a small family owned business. For over fifteen years, we have been operating several vacation rental homes in the Pacific Northwest. During that time, we found occasions to make our houses available for people in need. We hosted families who were dealing with a serious injury or illness. We donated the houses to auctions that supported local charities.

We quickly found that offering our houses for a good cause was the most fulfilling part of the business. We also found that other vacation rental homeowners were doing the same. They shared our sentiment, that what we were doing was truly making a difference in people's lives. The positive impact of a simple vacation in a difficult time can be profound.

We organized a group of like minded vacation rental home owners. As word got out about what we were doing, the group got larger. The number of families being helped, and the numbers of charities benefitting from our houses grew as well. The Vacation Angel Network was born.