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As a vacation rental homeowner, you can join our network in several ways.  The first, and most common way, is to donate some time at your house to host one of our families in need of a short getaway.   We believed that something simple like a vacation can have a profound effect on people whose lives have been thrown into turmoil by an injury or an illness.  Our members offer these families a chance to take a break from their troubles and just simply be a family again.

Many of our members don’t have the availability to offer their homes, so instead, they donate a small amount of money.  This is used to fund travel expenses for our families and usually help them with food, and perhaps a fun activity.  When the money donated to us exceeds the trip expenses, the balance is donated to the fantastic non-profit foundations we have teamed up with.

In some cases, our members will simply provide their time or their talent to help make the vacations for our families a special experience.  If you have something to offer, we’d love to hear from you.

All of our members are passionate about great vacations, and excited to help families who would not otherwise have the opportunity to go on them, but there is an added benefit as well.

Aside from the opportunity to help families, our members also get to list their homes on our Vacanga.com website.  This has proven to be very advantageous, because, unlike other booking platforms, Vacanga.com charges no booking fees.  This allows your customers to pay less for their vacations than they would if they booked on a larger site, usually hundreds of dollars less.  This means your customers are happier, which means, better reviews and more repeat business.

We love our members and, by way of a thank you, we work hard to help promote their rentals.  We have built a large network of vacationers who follow us, because they appreciate our mission.  We work hard to connect those vacationers with the Vacation Rental Homeowners who allow us to make this all happen.

Great vacations for families that really need them, more rentals for the members of our network, and no booking fees for our army of supporters who use Vacanga.com to book.  Everybody wins.

If you own a vacation rental home, please reach out to us to discuss how we can work together to build your business and make the world a better place.